The Road Less Travelled

Friday, May 26, 2006


At the moment we have Time 106.6fm broadcasting from downstairs in the foyer. They’ve been there since this morning and will be there for the whole day. How cool is that? Shall I start off my media career today, shall I have my 5 minutes of fame as predicted by Warhol……?

Rant 1

I hate the Bengali way of doing things. I wish they would leave behind the village mentality which has no basis in Islam! Arghhh….


Classic Quote

Since, my impending nuptials have been announced I have been getting marriage advice from everyone regardless of whether or not I have asked for it.

This classic quote cracked me up though (btw Keith E is currently going through a divorce)

Katie F: Do not take marriage advice from Keith E.


I think I need to go rent out The Runaway bride….

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boredom Prevails...

Roll on Saturday….


It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, no doubt much to JMs dismay. Thought I would have a quick catch up here. Tis been a busy few weeks, and it would seem this is only the beginning. Before I forget, I thought I would apologise in advance; no doubt I will at some point get stressed etc over impending nuptials and events and as is likely I will probably snap at one or two people as I may have done already. So apologies for that, it’s just the stress talking.

On a positive note mashaAllah isn’t it looking lovely outside. InshaAllah the weather holds out for Saturday…

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Official....

The stage has been set for the play...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Overheard Conversation

Overheard at West Drayton train station (full of chavs)

My license runs out in 2016, I still have like 20/30 years left on it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


More ice-cream downstairs…..

MSN Convo 1

** says:
im hungry
** says:
but cant eat
*** says:
thats good - you have to deflate your ass a bit
*** says:

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


From cool as a cucumber to a trembling tomato.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh Glorious Food

Glorious food indeed. There’s always a theme in the foyer downstairs. And for the past few weeks it’s been music in reflection of winning a music award. So there’s always music playing in the foyer (they had Chaka khan on the other day!) and every Friday they have a DJ for a couple of hours. Last week there was actually a guy playing the drums as well. Anyway there is always something in the way of food. So far we have had Krispy Kremes, Sweets and today was perfect…..Ice-Cream, You-Scream, We all Scream. But only I get to eat Ice-cream. Apologies, blame the Friday feeling….

'Tis terrible the filth in kids book....

You know how Sumaiya loves books and reading, well SB bought her a book the other day but I was shocked at the content!
It’s a book about a young princess and well I’ll let you decide for yourself!

In a kingdom far away,
Where sparkly flowers grow.

Lived a young princess,
With skin as white as snow.

Her hair was long and golden,
And her eyes emerald green

She dreams she’ll meet a handsome prince,
And one day would be queen.

Then one day in the garden a little bird says “Hi”
“Follow me” says the little bird And I will show you why.

She comes to a magic lily pond
And a frog said “How do you do?”

The princess gives the frog a kiss
And all her dreams come true.

I mean come on, seriously what that to teach a young child! So now when I read that book to her I try to liven it up with dungeons and magic dragons….

The funniest is when she tries teaching Mujahd Alif, ba, ta. Lolol so funny. But so cute to see them both sitting there doing dhikr.  

Your Hired!

Well the apprentice has ended and with it the raison d’etre for television. Michelle won and I think she has been in the forerunner for quite a while without the viewers ever realising. If I hadn’t known beforehand that she was going to win then I would have been shocked too. Although saying that I would hire Michelle over Ruth anyday (unless it was a sales job).
The look on Michelles face was classic when she saw the complete group of the people she had picked. Hehe
There was one particular bit which made me laugh, the finalists had to pick three former contestants to help them with the final task. One of the contestants Michelle picked was Bengali, bad boy of business Syed. Now for those who are not aware, these two are in fact dating (what besti for his poor parents!). After a particularly successful sale from Michelle and Syed, as the camera pans away Michelle gives Syed a peck on the cheek. And you hear Syed say ‘I cannot believe you just did that on national TV’.
Well actually you probably wouldn’t have heard them if it wasn’t for Subtitles. Talking of subtitles, they pick up the quietest sound of leaf falling? What is that all about? Not to mention when the BBC obviously outsourced to a subtitle centre in India (or should that be in China?). I used to watch Saturday Kitchen and the subtitles were hilarious. “…and then take the crème blue lay…” you can’t help but think if your Company’s call centre provide the subtitles for the BBC as well. “

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Classic Quotes

(Katie F) On David Blaine…

One of these days he’s just going to kill himself.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I had a bit of a surreal moment yesterday. There was no milk or bread yesterday morning and the kids needed their Weetabix, so I popped down to Tesco.
Tesco was yet to open so I joined the small (read surprisingly large for a Sunday morning) group of people waiting for the supermarket to open. The people waiting were mostly OAPs and obviously other sad people who had nowt to do on a Sunday morning but wait for Tesco to open. I thought to myself ‘is this what I have to look forward to in a few years time?’ I can almost imagine myself as one of those eccentric women, with 20 odd cats, whose only highlight is waiting for Tesco to open on a Sunday morning so I can stock up on cat food!

Bizarre Bengalis

Talking to JM I just realised how truly bizarre Bengali culture is

Friday, May 05, 2006


This is so Sumaiya.

What your baby is doing: Though linguists aren't sure why, toddlers at about 19 to 20 months have a "language explosion." After months of slow progress, they suddenly start to learn words at a ferocious rate, as many as nine a day.

BNP doubles number of councillors

Supporters of British National Party claim it is "on its way" after doubling its number of councillors in England.

I guess it’s not surprising given recent events but nonetheless still scary and worrying.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Overheard Conversations 1

On the Wembley Stadium…
Girl 1: Is that arch going to stay like that?
Girl 2: Yes, but without the cranes.

Classic Quotes 8?

On Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moores ‘The Sparrow’

That doesn’t rhyme… Sparrow, Barrow, Harrow…    


Wow, what an amazing weekend it was. I hadn’t planned on going to the Mawlid in Wembley, but because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend Mondays ‘mawlid’ at Hounslow thought I should go in case I don’t get to see Shaykh Habib Umar and Habib Ali. Plus Saturday morning started with a hole in the bathroom floor (but that’s a story for another day).  
Saturday was interesting, we arrived late afternoon and had to leave early so unfortunately we missed out on Sh Habib Umar and Sh Habib Ali, but Sh Tijani was real character, so funny, have never quite been to a lecture/talk where there was such a character.
There was a really sweet and humble poem written by someone on deenport, here’s the link on when we see young children go up to the Shaykhs whilst they sit there and we all wish we could do the same.

O Sparrow,
Walking down the aisle so narrow,

Dither do you much, on your journey to the habaib,

Two steps forward, one hop back - who are you looking for in your suit of total black?

Are you looking for the smile, the noor, the calm and the peace that is somewhere in front of you?

Go forward young child, as you walk your steps of innocence...know that we all walk with you.

Mondays at Hounslow Masjid was amazing mashaAllah. It really does make a difference as JM sister mentioned having an event at a masjid. Straight away you’re in a place of worship and barakha. We’ve all just sat doing dhikr or quiet reflection in a masjid and hosting an event at a masjid allows one to pray or meditate throughout the day. Breaks are no longer inconvenient as you can just sit there and do dhikr or read. It has an intimacy you simply cannot get from Wembley conference centre. Anyway the shaykhs were simply amazing. SubhanAllah.
Shaykh Tijani was there as well, and gospel-style nasheeds is not something I think I will hear again in a long time (well at least not until Sh Tijani is back in the UK!)
I was a bit gutted actually as I had my digi-camcorder with me but before the Shaykhs arrived there was an announcement that people were to not record without the Shaykhs permission. But there were plenty of brothers who were recording etc without any problems even putting recording equipment on the Shaykhs table. So needed to have grabbed one the young kids and asked them to go record for me from the brothers section.
Anyway MashaAllah loved the weekend!

Was nice to put a couple of faces to names as well!