The Road Less Travelled

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Looks like this years Rihla is a deffo no, no. I had only filled in the first section and was not looking forward to filling in the Job-esp application form. Now it looks like it’s been taken out of my hands. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t meant to be.

Check it out...

Masha Allah, Danny boy and Shauykh AHM

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kind Words

Why is it that we sometimes receive from those whom we don’t expect, the kindness and support, we expect but don’t receive from others.

Women Suffrage (Americans! need we say more...)

This is just too funny albeit somewhat embarrassing.


There’s something about these pics, I can’t quite find the words to describe what I want to say so I won’t say anything and will just post the links.

Lost City in Pictures
Contaminated Vehicles
Ghost Villages

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All by myself

All by myself.
I’m all by myself…

Monday, April 24, 2006


Yesterday I was asked how much control I had over my own life changing decisions. I found the question a tad strange and answered in the positive. This morning has proven the naivety of my answer.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

For Sale

Mitsubishi FTO GPX (MIVEC)
For Sale: Cars and Bikes
1997 (Facelift version) 2 door sport coupe in champagne silver. 2.0 V6 engine. Lowered suspension. Custom stainless steel exhaust with life time guarantee. Induction kit - breathes more easily. Halogen headlight set worth over £150. Lots of service history. Recent service - sounds brilliant! FTO owners club registered. Very fast.

This ad is on the intranet and for the life of us we can’t figure exactly what “Induction kit - breathes more easily” means?
Any ideas?


Hmmm….my excel is thinking hence my pc is pretty much frozen up and the only thing I can pretty much access is word. I have to say that Sh Abdul Hakim-Murad has such a soothing voice.

Cheapskates alert!

On the telephone this morning on my way to work
*ring* *ring*
Me: Hello
HB: Did the post come this morning?
Me: (*happily* oooh I wonder what she sent me? I knew they didn’t forget my BIRTHDAY) It hadn’t yet arrived when I had left for work this morning. Why?
HB: Oh we registered the car with the ******** address.
Me: (figures!) Why?
HB: Cos it’s cheaper.
Me: (Cheaper enough to send me a present?) Oh, right.



In Wicks (I know its becoming a regular haunt!)

Me: Hi, do you have Sealant remover?
Customer Service Person: [taps away on keyboard] No… [walks out of his little customer service booth]
Me: You sell sealant, but no sealant remover?
CSP: ermm you want ceiling remover?
(WTH dude? You work for Wicks and you’re typing in ceiling remover?)
Me: No. S E A L A N T remover.
CSP: [walks back into his little booth and taps away again] No. Raj, do we sell sealant remover?
Me: [to new assistant] Do you sell sealant remover?
New Shop Assistant: Cement remover?
(darn! Yeh cos the cement on the ceiling won’t budge with the ceiling remover)
Me: No. S E A L A N T remover.
NSA: Ashraf can you help this customer, I’m serving another customer at the moment.
ME: [to the even more new sales assistant] Do you sell S E A L A N T remover?
MNSA: No, sorry.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well it’s been a long weekend and as much as I had to do I just couldn’t quite get it all done. I’ve had a bit of a cold for the past week, nowt major just runny nose and a cough. But on the weekend I was feeling so lethargic and had a headache that I couldn’t really get much done, which means over this week I’m going to have to leave  work early and get stuck in as soon as I get home.
Some good news - the floor finally has been completed! Alhamdulillah. Although I currently have about 5 cuts on my hands!

We went to Wicks over the weekend that is big SU, mother and I, we also took the kids. Their first ‘outing’ since coming back. What an experience that was. Sumaiya has reached that ‘terrible twos’. Which meant she was running all over the place apart from when she decided she wanted to take a nap on the floor! What the heck is it with kids! She would lie down on the floor and say she was going sleep and as long as you were in her peripheral view she would stay down there! There was also the time when she decided to do some dhikr. She sat down in the middle of the shop and started doing dhikr! Lol. Well I won’t be taking her out again in such a hurry. Mujahid bless his little cotton socks was fine as long as the pushchair he was in was in motion.

Since we are talking about the kids, was reading Sumaiyas’ Arabic alphabet book with her. So we are reading alif, baa, taa …
Me: thaa
Sumaiya: thaa
Me: jeem
Sumaiya: dheem. Dheem kaitam. (trans. Egg. I want egg)

Ok have a lot to blog about but have lots of work to do as well. So auf wiedersehn for now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is my Stop

This is my stop
An uncomfortable bus journey in Baghdad.
Settling on a seat just next to the slide door of the Kia minibus at the Nahdha bus garage in Baghdad, I lit a cigarette and started fiddling with the cell phone to bide time until the bus filled up with passengers.
My healthcare clinic is located in a suburb of Baghdad. I take the less conspicuous bus instead of my own car because if feels safer (though that can be argued), and because Kia drivers know plenty of tricks to circumvent roadblocks and other unpleasant surprises on the road. They are very alert and always on the lookout. They do, however, have a reputation for being reckless drivers. Other motorists try hard to avoid them on the streets as much as possible.
The 11-passenger Kia minibus itself is featured in the international coverage of Iraq almost daily. Somehow, I doubt that this South Korean-made vehicle operates anywhere else in the world but Iraq. They must have set up a separate assembly line just for us.
Twenty minutes and two cigarettes later, and with just five passengers arriving, I dropped the phone. Something else had really piqued my interest. A few metres away, a bus driver and his assistant (or sikin, distorted from the English "second hand") were frisking passengers before they boarded the Chuwadir line bus. Ladies had to open their purses for inspection, and shopping bags were gone into. Women in long black abayas, however, seemed to be exempt from this treatment.
In Baghdad, you don't have a sign on the bus marking its destination or stop. Instead, the driver yells, "Chuwadir, Chuwadir," (for instance) at the top of his voice, very much like a street vendor would to call attention to his goods, until the bus is full.
Of course, Chuwadir is a district on the eastern edge of Sadr City and, given the recent string of bombings at markets and crowded places over there, this frisking was just one of many measures that Iraqis have taken into their own hands to ensure the security of their neighbourhoods.
The two men doing the searching were dead serious about it, despite smiles and jeers from other people in the garage. They also curiously looked like off-duty Mahdi militiamen with their black shirts.
Our restless driver, still yelling his destination outside, didn't bother to search any of us, and it looked like we were going to move at last. It's unsettling to stay in a crowded bus garage for long. It's always a potential target. Now, it was just one more passenger to go.
Then he boarded.
He was hauling an enormous sack full of something on his back. It looked like one of those hanging punching bags that boxers use for practice. He tried to push it behind the only empty seat, which happened to be right across me. It didn't fit so he stuck it between my legs and got seated. That was when I went: "Uh oh."
I sat frozen and stared at the sack for about a minute. The bus had already started moving by now. Then I looked up at his face, searching for, I don't know, signs and gestures, anything that would reassure me that he was not what I thought he was.
He looked about 20, dressed in a fading striped shirt and plain, almost ragged trousers, puffing smoke from beneath a thick black moustache. I couldn't help but gaze into his shifty, pale brown eyes that seemed to quickly scan everything, but not settle anywhere. He didn't even return my interest, which I took as a deeply troubling sign. Every few seconds, he would glance at the sack a bit surreptitiously and away again. It was still firmly planted between my legs.
I continued to fix my stare at him while my hands, which were on my lap and concealed behind the sack, automatically started feeling up the sack. It felt solid, accentuating my fears even more.
His hands were hidden and it was bothering me. Taking a casual look around, I noticed that a couple of passengers were also fixated on the sack. An old man next to me was furtively watching my reactions and he kind of gave me a knowing look. They were probably thinking the same, I thought. But no one dared to say a word. What was worse is that he was pretending not to notice the investigative looks from everyone.
Thoughts raced in my head. What should I do? If anyone made a threatening move he would most likely just detonate. Should I shout to the driver that this is my stop? Should I slide the door open and jump. Maybe I should try to engage him in conversation? I needed to hear his accent, to determine whether he was Iraqi or Arab. His eyes kept shifting to the street and back.
I realised that my body was trembling. I was frozen and my legs felt numb. The only thoughts in my head were what it would feel like to be blown to smithereens. I had absolutely no doubt that I would die instantly, with the cursed sack being so intimately close to me. Then I started lamenting the fact that I didn't make it for the previous bus, or that I didn't sit in the back instead of choosing this particular seat. I suddenly worried about my family. How will they ever know what happened to me? There will be nothing left of me for them to recognise. I swear, I spent so much thinking about it that I forgot about everything else.
We reached the first checkpoint on the highway, manned by Iraqi interior ministry commandos. Dozens of vehicles were squeezing through the bottlenecked street. This is his target, I told myself. I saw that his eyes were faster now. There was a noticeable change in his demeanour, and to me that was all the proof that was needed. Still I did nothing. When we slowly approached the group of soldiers that were waving traffic through, I thought this is it. I just closed my eyes hard.
Nothing happened. I opened my eyes and almost jumped up in relief. Was I wrong about him? Or could it be that he had another target? Now that I had some blood flowing again to my face I thought it would be a good idea to get off and somehow notify the checkpoint about the suspect.
"What have you got in there?"
It was the old man motioning to the sack.
"Ah. Nothing. Just some used clothes for sale," the man responded with a smile. Everyone else jumped to attention.
He untied the strings, took out a couple of T-shirts and displayed them.
I found myself unconsciously digging through the sack to see if there was anything under the clothes.
Nothing but damn T-shirts.

Snot a lot

I cannot believe how much snot there is in the world…….

Classic Quotes 7

This was simply begging for a mention. Jzk. By IN.

i was speaking to mum the other day and i cant believe i had tears in my eyes as i was saying to mum, mum the person who even comes to see *** wont know to the fullest extent what a gem of a person she is.


There’s a party on the hillside
Would you like to come?
Bring you own cup and saucer?
And your own cream buns?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Congratulations and Celebrations

Congratulations to everyone who is…..there are quite a few of you…

Go Gadget go.....

In other news, I received my MP3 Player and Digi-Camcorder yesterday. Really wanted it whilst the kids were here but can’t be helped. Anyway thought I would play about with it for a few days and see how well it fares. If I don’t like it then I will exchange for a camera. It’s just deciding whether or not I was a good quality camera OR a mediocre camera AND camcorder.
I cannot believe how attached Sumaiya is to me. She was pretty attached to me before they went BD but because she preferred her Dadi it wasn’t so bad. But since she’s been back she doesn’t go to her dadi (I don’t think she’s quite forgiven her) so has attached herself to me. Last night I was in the bathroom whilst Sumaiya was banging on the door and crying telling me to come out! Bless.


I haven’t yet blogged about the weekend and having had HBs’ SILs over. It was good, was actually nice to have a house full of people and even though the house was in an absolute tip (sorry Pops) it was good fun. Hope you enjoyed yourself girls! Although the downside is someone gave me a cough and a slight cold but Alhamdulillah nowt too bad. And since I’m giving the downsides – I have now bought the same bag twice! Why twice you may ask? Well first time Taybahs’ mother liked it so she took that one and I said I will buy another. Second one I last saw on HB’s shoulder as she left on Sunday evening! Knowing my perchance for hating shopping especially on a weekend, whether or not I go for a third attempt remains to be seen.

Classic Quote 6?

K.A – don’t u think ****** has the 'X factor'

JM you’re too kind. Seriously. Although this is my favourite Classic Quote so far. Btw can I just mention she said this twice in the same day….    

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilahi wa rajioun.

I received a text message last night telling me that Shauykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubis’ wife had died and that their daughter was in critical condition after being involved in a car accident.
It was shocking news, I’ve never met nor even seen the Shauykhs wife yet I felt as if I had been told a close member of my own family had passed away. It was a strange night full of dream s and awoke this morning thinking the news was something I had dreamt.
May Allah swt have mercy upon her soul and grant her Jannah and her family and friends sabr. Ameen.
Whilst I write this I have just received the following email

From Allah we come to Allah we return
A sister emailed this to the Deen Intensive e-mailing group:
A Tribute to Umm Ibrahim/Ferizeh Rabat
As salaamu 'Alaykmum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
For those of you who did not meet Umm Ibrahim, I thought a glimpse of her rare personality would help in your du'as for her and the family she left behind. Umm Ibrahim has been helping this ummah since she first married Sheikh Muhammad al Yaqoubi 10 years ago. It is through her generosity that we were able to have the time, the classes, with Sheikh Muhammad al Yaqoubi through the years. The wives of all our beloved shuyukh serve the ummah in manifold ways, in fact, their's is a life of pure service. Hundreds of us have eaten from the blessed meals of our shuyukhs' wives, May Allah reward them all. And if that were all they did, it would already be too much as those barakah meals last us a lifetime, meanwhile, they are lovingly presented, day in and day out, in the homes of our shuyukh, who have swinging doors serving the students of Sacred Knowledge. Jazahum Allah khayran. Umm Ibrahim never tired of serving the students, from cooking for them, caring for them, listening to the sisters issues and passing on their questions to the sheikh, making dua's for us through the years and the list never ends. Umm Ibrahim had quick quips ready for any topic broached, was energetic and loved her children more than anything in the world. She loved reading to her kids, teaching them arts and crafts and loved to play in the park with them. At any given moment, she would be engrossed in something she was doing for them or with them, all the while, fielding phone calls, questions from students, for Sheikh Muhammad. She educated herself in homeopathy, organic whole foods, and wanted only the purest nourishment for her family. She was a tireless mother. Upon first meeting her I told Sheikh Muhammad that I had never met anyone like his wife in my life. I first met her in the apartment Sheikh Muhammad lived in with his family when teaching at Zaytuna, in Hayward, California, during this very month of Rabi' al Awwal, six years ago. My husband and I had come from New York to visit Sheikh Muhammad and his family, Sheikh Hamza and Zaytuna Institute, for the weekend. After arriving from the airport to our hotel near their apartment, we went to greet them in the evening. Umm Ibrahim and Sheikh Muhammad had prepared one of the best meals I have ever had, the Syrian Zucchini made with mint was a combination I never encountered until that evening, and for a tired, weary traveler, it was manna from the heavens. And every meal taken at our shuyukhs' homes are just as heavenly. May Allah reward them abundantly. THe next day, we all went to a mawlid together in San Jose where Sheikh Muhammad was to speak. It was a blessed day of a blessed month. During my summer in Syria, almost three years ago, and before I found my own apartment, I spent a fortnight with Umm Ibrahim (while Sheikh Muhammad was in America teaching). She would have my lunch ready for me every day as I arrived back from long, hot days of study at the University of Damascus. Later that summer, after she moved to the suburbs, she asked me to stay with her again and while there one evening I joked about requiring some coffee later. Umm Ibrahim knew I would be up all night so she left a tray with fresh, hot coffee at my door at 3:30 a.m., interrupting her own sleep to do so. I will never forget her service, nor the service of all our shuyukhs' wives in what they do for the tulab al 'ilm, all over the world. May Allah reward them all and grant them the best of both worlds. Ameen. That weekend, back in California, upon seeing and speaking to her for the first time, within five minutes I felt I knew her all of my life. When I first glanced upon her, she was dressed in her white salat outfit, finishing her prayer just when I came in, and that is always my image of her, an angel. She immediately started speaking to me as if I was a relative she hadn't seen in a long while. This is how everyone felt around her, as if she was always family, because she made you feel like family within those first few minutes of meeting her and kept you as her kith and kin even if you didn't speak to her for a long interregnum. For those of you who may not have spoken to her for some time, for sure she remembered you insha Allah and may she greet you and us all in al Jannah. Umm Ibrahim leaves behind three children, all under 10, three siblings, her parents and our beloved teacher, Sheikh Muhammad al Yaqoubi, along with the rest of her extended famly, all of us. May Allah ta'ala grant Umm Ibrahim eternal Paradise for her sacrifice, and enhance the reward of her family with their patience on this sad occasion on a blessed day of a blessed month. Ameen.
Your Sister,

Friday, April 07, 2006

Undercover Blonde...

Went shopping after having lunch with JM today, Baby shopping that is. Babs seems to have come backs sans most of the kids clothes. This morning Mujahid was wearing a long sleeved white with pink piping body suit from Gap. It was Sumaiyas!
So babs asked me to buy some clothes for him today. Now if you have been bodysuit or sleepsuit shopping for kids you will appreciate how difficult it is to find the right size, it’s akin to trying to find a clean pair of socks on a Friday morning! They had the cute OshKosh range in Boots, so I thought I would get a pair of dungarees for Mujahid and Daniaal. And then I thought I’d might aswell buy the dungarees dresses for Haania and Sumaiay as well. No I did something really stupid, for some weird reason I bought 12months for Daniaal and Sumaiya. I have no idea why I temporarily thought they were 12 months old?


This is a completely useless but interesting tit bit of information.
Ok, how long would it take you to eat three Jacobs cream crackers? Yeah they are dry so would probably take you a while, let’s say 10 seconds per cracker? Well think again!
The current world record for eating three cream crackers is…wait for it….wait…its 49.15 seconds!
Yep that’s true. Don’t believe me? Read it here.


I must be one of a very few if not the only person currently sitting at their desk at work shelling pistachio nuts!

Devils Advocate?

The other day I read something that made me think. It was an interview thing with Chico (from X-factor). Anyway it was in a magazine where people had emailed in questions. One of the questions was:
“What would you never do?”
Chicos Answer: “I would never sell my soul”
And I realised that’s the answer a lot of us would give. We would never sell our souls. Yet it’s the one most thing most of us do on a daily basis. We sell away another part of our soul. We’ve become so accustomed to it we now often do it without even realising that we are selling another part of a soul off. Worrying.

Ever moment spent not for the sake of Allah is wasted.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Overheard Conversations 1

Lad: I got kicked out of the Job centre twice today.
Girl: Why?
Lad: I called them all a bunch of Pakis.
Me: *Thinking* Darn well serves you right!

The conversation did you go on with some dare I say it valid points but I won’t enlighten you all with them.

Mom, The bengys are 'ere!

So, they’re back. Sumaiya recognised me straight away! I was so surprised. I didn’t expect her to remember us so vividly. But Alhamdulillah she did and she took to me straight away. At first she looked at me and gave me a shy smile, I then did ‘Round and Round the Kaaba’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and that was it; she broke into a big smile. But I don’t think she’s quite forgiven her dadi for abandoning her yet because she will just stare at her dadi but won’t go to her. Although I cant imagine that lasting very long! Mujahid has some recognition I think, because when I do the ‘Round and Round the Kaaba’ on him before I even tickle him he starts giggling. But he bought back a cold with him so he’s a bit cranky at the moment.
Apart from that they are all incredibly tanned and Babs has lost a lot of weight, her face actually looks gaunt.
Oh and Sumaiya returned with such a dodgy, chipped bowl, haircut! But Alhamdulillah she can now converse pretty well.


Skips are now halal…
Happy Munching….
*munch*  *munch*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Planet Earth

I caught the repeat of the Cave episode of the BBC Planet Earth series over the weekend. And as amazing as the episode itself was the last 10/15 minutes showing behind the scene footage was even better. In one particular cave the floor was a thick several inches deep carpet of droppings! It was absolutely disgusting. And it was crawling with cockroaches. The men were just completely smeared in this stuff.
But what was truly amazing was the filming of the Lechuguilla cave. It took the film crew two years to gain permission fro the filming and its unlikely that such a opportunity will be ever granted again. It’s the deepest cave in the USA, discovered only fairly recently and is considered to be the most beautiful cave in the world, mostly due to its ‘Chandelier Ballroom’.

Subhanallah, it was amazing. They stayed down in the caves for 10 days even though local experts recommend a maximum of 5 days!! Can you imagine 10 days without sunlight, without seeing the sky, without knowing whether its day or night. Doing this out of choice! They were crawling through the tiniest of crawl spaces, literally spaces so small that if you get stuck then the only way to get you out would be by breaking bones! Now I went caving in Cheddar Gorge (remember that guys?) and I remember having to crawl through small crawl ways on our belly and crawl along ledges where to your left is open black abyss (I still cannot believe they let school kids do that!).
I think one of the things mentioned on the show was that once someone broke their ankle and it took 100 experts three days to get this person out! Was all pretty amazing to see how it was all done. I remember the waterways one where they filmed the Piranhas. Now I had this image of them all in a boat floating a long with a camera dipped in the water filming this whole thing. Haha! In actual fact the filming was done by someone mad enough to swim with the Piranhas!

O Messenger of God [SallAllahuAlaihiWasallam]

Subhanallah. This poem was emailed to me earlier. It’s beautiful. Jazakallahkhair.

Oh Messenger of God, Please let me hold your hand
Finer than the most exquisite silk in all the land
And walk in the streets by your side,
For you Oh Master Are my guide

Oh Messenger of God Let me kiss your feet,
For you are God’s chosen one-his elite,
You behaved like a slave though you were a king,
And you came to bring the desert’s ancient winter into spring.

Oh Messenger of God, Won’t you visit my Home,
So that my family can see you sit and roam,
And we may feed you the best that we have to eat
And provide you shelter from the desert’s heat

Oh Messenger of God , Let me visit your grave
For what am I but your most despicable slave,
But May I rub its dust into my thirsty eyes,
For it is more honoured than the throne above the skies

Oh Messenger on God, Oh Shining Sun,
Won’t you come this way and visit my son,
So that he may Know you’re God’s Beloved one
And without you creation would not have begun!

Oh Messenger of God would you let?
Me to put into a viol some of your sweat,
If you indeed give me your consent,
I would love to smell your heavenly scent.

Oh Messenger of God you were in the mind of eternity,
And your scent is the best thing in the realm of the olfactory,
And your saliva better than everything gustatory,
God's eternal blessings and peace upon thee!

Oh Messenger of God May I bottle your tears?
SO they make take away all my fears,
And every drop that emerged from your noble eyes,
Is for me the greatest prize

Oh Messenger of God May I see your bravery,
In the battles which removed the world from creation's slavery
And liberated them from the yokes of the finite realm
Injustice was disgraced and the just Caliphs took to the helm.

Oh Messenger of God May i see your generosity,
Which you showed to even those who greeted you with ferocity,
To the bedouin man who pulled your shawl
You smiled and gave it to him as the hadeeths recall!

Oh Messenger of God you had no silhouette,
There was no room for darkness in your form, or any regret
You created civilisation though you did not learn to read or write,
For the celestial angel Jibraeel taught you to recite.

Oh Messenger of God may I request ,
When I am stressed or depressed,
You let me visit your city -Madeena THE blessed,
The land which the angels and saints caressed

Oh Messenger of God May I see how you are kind,
When the people of Taif who were spiritually blind.
Pelted you with stones, and caused you to bleed
But you faltered not to preach this eternal creed

Oh messenger of God Let me read your tales
How you looked upon the Lord without any veils
When you went on the mi’raj further than Jibraeel could dare
For you oh Beloved are beyond compare!

Oh Messenger of God let me read of your patience
When the Quraysh tried to cast you from the land of the Ka’ba
How you remained calm with your noble sahaaba
Expressing not the slightest annoyance

Oh Messenger of God come into my dreams
So that I may see your glows and gleams
And smell your fragrance in my room
It will take away all my gloom

Oh Messenger of God, let me be from your friends
So that I may Make much amends
I have spent my life in sorrow and sin,
In your sunnah now – a new dawn I begin.
Oh Messenger of God... [SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallam]

Sleep Deprivation...

Have both sisters with kid each in tow down at the moment; playing hazard on my sleep. Trying to stop myself from lulling off to sleep with the warmth of the sun on my face on the train is fast becoming a task in itself!
InshaAllah Sumaiya and Mujahid should be back today, so further excitement. Also HBs’ in-laws should all be coming on Friday evening to stay for the weekend which should be fun?!? Not sure what activities we can all do to keep their stay exciting. The local town would be good for a few hours. Not sure where to sleep everyone? Also trying to keep the house nice and clean is difficult at the best of times. Will be fun with 15 adults and 7 kids!
Ok we’re not gonna have this many people staying over but this will be the minimum number off people over at our house for a lunch/dinner sitting.

So who’s willing to have me over for the weekend….?

Jordan reaps reward - and pays a price

War in Iraq has brought an influx of western visitors and investment to Jordan. Prostitution has become more common, although it remains discreet. Amman even has a lap-dancing bar, although the dancers remain fully clothed and there is no physical contact with clients.

Interesting article aptly named from the Guardian on the changes in Jordan.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ghunda for Hire

If anyone needs somebody to disappear then simply tell them to get in contact with me. I have this affect on people…..

Classic Quotes 5?

Ona Baaike – Danny boy.

Trans. There’s the bike.

Monday, April 03, 2006


According to MSN Encarta

snob [ snob ] (plural snobs)

1. somebody who looks down on others: an admirer and cultivator of people with high social status who disdains those considered inferior
2. somebody who feels superior: somebody who disdains people considered to have inferior knowledge or tastes
[Late 18th century. Origin ?]


posh [ posh ]
adjective (comparative posh·er, superlative posh·est)

for well-off people: elegant, fashionable, and expensive

U.K. like upper class person: like somebody from the upper classes
[Early 20th century. Origin ?]